Amazing 2 days with the Maggie Beer Foundation and all their team. It was fantastic to meet Amanda Orchard who I believe is a world class leader pertaining to contemporary innovation in Dysphagia and texture modification food presentation & flavours. Amanda’s work is a game changer in this field and an absolute inspiration for aged care.
— Executive Chef Stuart Walton via LinkedIn- April 2019
Amanda is very passionate about bringing life back to texture modified meals and Robot Coupe Australia supports her belief that changes in this industry are long overdue.
— Robot Coupe Australia via Linkedin July 2019
Love what you do, makes me so happy to see your creations.
— Ella via Instagram 2018
I have to say that I love your food, it is just beautiful. I suffer from severe dysphagia and to me eating is nothing but pain and sadness....But you have made me excited about food again
— Anon - Via Instagram - 2018
I absolutely love what your doing!!! Im an aged care chef too and even though we are moulding our texture mod meals my residents are bored. Your page has already helped so much already.
— Kelly via Instagram 2018