“We eat first with our eyes”

Apicius, the 1st Century Roman gourmand

Appealing , tasty Food for people with difficulty swallowing


Creating tasty, flavorful inspiration

Photos by Amanda

Creating engaging, nutritional, flavorful meals to improve dining experience and quality of life.

Its time to take the frustration out of meal times for those requiring a texture modified diet.

Presenting food beautifully means your palate is already expecting something wonderful.

Scientists have found that 'eating with your eyes' is rooted in evolution. they found a direct link between seeing food and the motivation to eat.

It comes as no surprise that Texture Modification and IDDSI (The International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative) are such catch words right now. After all….the need exists, more than 500 million people on earth suffer from a condition related to swallowing difficulties.

Learning to adopt cooking processes for swallowing difficulties can be both challenging & overwhelming.

We understand this & provide you with simple, easy to interpret modification techniques,, delicious recipes using accessible & affordable ingredients and some fun presentation ideas & techniques to help you along the way.  

Restoring dignity to mealtimes for those with difficulty swallowing and dysphagia

Amazing 2 days with the Maggie Beer Foundation and all their team. It was fantastic to meet Amanda Orchard who I believe is a world class leader pertaining to contemporary innovation in Dysphagia and texture modification food presentation & flavours. Amanda’s work is a game changer in this field and an absolute inspiration for aged care
— Executive Chef Stuart Walton - April 2019

Improving quality of life through food.

When swallowing difficulties arise in our lives, it turns our worlds upside down.

Be it a family member, a friend, ourselves or someone we are caring for,

simply preparing cooking and eating can become an anxiety riddled process.

Being faced with the challenge to modify delicious nutritional food at home can be completely overwhelming.

Texture Modified Food Solutions was created by Amanda to help,

from a background working and serving in Aged Care and with the great support from industry and professionals.

Amanda’s own experience and development of simple ways and systems are ensuring great taste,

colour and appearance in the food we make for those we care for.

Internationally recognized and as innovator, bringing dignity and beauty to Textured Cuisine.

Amanda is very passionate about bringing life back to texture modified meals and Robot Coupe Australia supports her belief that changes in this industry are long overdue.
— Robot Coupe Australia via LinkedIn June 2019